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History of Razi Yeast and Alcohol Co

Razi Yeast and Alcohol Co. which is a subsidiary of the Sugarcane Development and Byproducts Co. was established in 1999 in a 14 hectares land to manufacture Instant Dry Yeast as well as Medical & Food-grade Ethanol, required by domestic and international markets, using biotechnology. The Austrian Vogel Busch Co. designed the production line and equipped with the latest European technology machinery. Presently, Razi Co. is considered the largest ethanol and yeast manufacturer in the region.

Achievements of Razi Yeast and Alcohol Co

  • Award for the Best Industrial Unit in Khuzestan Province in 2012
  • Award for the Best Production Unit in the Province in 2013
  • Award for the 2nd place in the National Iranian Ranking Center
  • Awarded by Khoozestan Food &Drugs Association 2016
  • America FDA certification for both products in 2016
  • Iran has the national standard for all products
  • Certification of the rights of consumers
  • ...

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Since yeast can be considered as a single-celled plant, its production may also be considered as a type of cultivation. The raw material for producing the yeast and its nutrition and development can be any type of substance which has sugar.



This substance is produced through the fermentation of the sugar available in sugarcane and beetroot molasses in an anaerobic environment with controlled temperature and PH by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. During the next stage, this



Annually more than 35 Million Tons of molasses is obtained globally from the sugarcane. According to statistics of the Association of Iranian Sugar Factories, in 2015 Iran has produced 506,728 Tons of molasses.



Vinasse has an acidic PH and is rich in potassium and sodium therefore it has a high EC and is good to be returned to low EC soil for reinforcement as a replacement for fertilizers.Vinasse is also rich in nutrients such as Phosphates and


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