What is Molasses

In Latin, Molasses means honey. Since the time man started cultivating sugarcane, its byproduct was called “Molasses


Various Types of Molasses Produced in Sugar Factories are as following

  • Molasses from sugarcane factories which produce raw sugar
  • Molasses from beetroot sugar factories
  • Molasses from refineries which convert raw cane sugar to white sugar
  • Molasses from refineries which convert raw beetroot sugar to white sugar
  • Molasses from factories which extract sugar from molasses


Molasses Applications:


Annually more than 35 Million Tons of molasses is obtained globally from the sugarcane. According to statistics of the Association of Iranian Sugar Factories, in 2015 Iran has produced 506,728 Tons of molasses. Considering the composition of molasses, it is a valuable source of Glucose, Nitrogen compounds and materials. Molasses has a variety of applications.

We can categorize the applications in 3 different groups


Direct applications

as  Animal feed, fertilizer, fuel, forming or adding color to materials

adding taste to food, black ink production, human feed, extra sugar extracting, and producing Betaine.

As a feedstock in Fermentation industry: For manufacturing

  • Medical Ethanol and acetic acid
  • Bakery yeast
  • Glutamic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Single-cell protein
  • Lysine
  • Dextran
  • Fat
  • Lactic acid
  • Acetone and Butanol 



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